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A hike to the Laudachsee

Recently we used one of the few days with good weather and went on a hike to the Laudachsee in Upper Austria. I also used the opportunity to start vlogging with my girlfriend Michaela as the camerawoman. Until now I was not used to being in front of the camera, but the first step has been…

By tommay 3. May 2017 0

Cave Exploring

Some time ago we went to the Dachstein to explore a cave. To be exact we headed to the Giant Ice Cave. A cave which contains over 13.000 m³ of ice. The Scientific analysis says that the ice is over 500 years old and the amount of it increases constantly. We were very curious to…

By tommay 11. January 2017 0

Autumn walk in the Almtal

Once again in autumn my girlfriend and I went to one of our favorite places to take some photos – to the Almtal in Upper Austria. In autumn, when the trees and plants change the color from green to red, orange and yellow it is really beautiful to walk around and enjoy the nature. The…

By tommay 8. October 2016 0