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Category: Reviews

Fujifilm MCEX-16 Macro Extension Tube – Does it make a Macro Lens out of your Fuji XF 50-140 F2.8?

5 months ago

1169 words

Fujifilm MCEX-16 – Transform your Lens into a Macro Lens? (Link to the YouTube Video, if the iframe above is not showing up) I am not a regular macro-photographer, but sometimes I want to have the ability to shoot details and close ups.Instead of investing in a dedicated macro lens, which I will probably use…

Working with Lightroom Presets and Brushes from Sleeklens

1 year ago

926 words

Recently I had the opportunity to use a workflow product from (Thank you!). They offer a big variety of presets and brushes for Adobe Lightroom, actions and overlays for Adobe Photoshop and many templates for your daily graphical work. As I am mainly a landscape and nature photographer I was asked to review the “Through The Woods Workflow” from their…

Sony A7S Mark II and Sony Zeiss FE 24-70 F4 – Hands-on review!

2 years ago

2041 words

As you may have seen in my last blogpost, I had the chance to try the Sony A7S Mark II last weekend, a camera which is specialized on video and photo in low light conditions, and the Sony Zeiss FE 24-70 F4 standard zoom lens. My thanks go to Photostore Werkgarner in Wels for this…

Olympus Focus Stacking – Macro photographer’s dream!

2 years ago

636 words

Olympus introduced a very interesting feature to its flagship camera OM-D EM-1 with the Firmware-update 4.0: Focus stacking. This feature allows you to take sharp pictures of a whole subject with the smooth background of a big aperture. Normally the depth of field of an image taken at F 2.8 is very shallow. Therefore you…

Comparison: Nikkor 24-70 F2.8G ED vs. Tamron SP 24-70 F2.8 VC USD

2 years ago

1974 words

Today I want to show you the comparison of two standard zoom lenses for the Nikon system: The Nikkor 24-70 F2.8G ED and the Tamron SP 24-70 F2.8 VC USD. Is the Tamron as good as the original Nikkor glass or is it even better? Let’s find it out! Sadly, I had not that much…

Nikkor 24-70 F2.8G ED – Very good old standard zoom lens – without stabilization..

2 years ago

880 words

Last weekend I had the opportunity to take a look at the good old Nikkor 24-70 F2.8G ED. In this hands-on review I want to give you an overview of the Nikkor 24-70 F2.8G ED in terms of specs and image quality. In a following blogpost I will post a comparison between this lens and…