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Category: Locations

Ruin of castle Spilberg and borrow pit lakes

6 months ago

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Recently my girlfriend Michaela and I visited the ruin of the castle Spilberg in Upper Austria. Unfortunately, the ruin itself was closed due to maintenance work. Hence we explored the surroundings of the castle, where a charming green landscape awaited us. After a while, we stumbled across a borrow pit with some lakes, which offered…

Feuerkogel – Stunning view and beautiful mountains!

2 years ago

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Today I want to show you the pictures I took a while back when my girlfriend and I visited the Feuerkogel in Upper Austria.The Feuerkogel is a mountain located west from the market town Ebensee. Its height is 1592 meters and it is part of the Höllengebirge which is situated between the Attersee and the Traunsee.…