Cave Exploring

Cave Exploring

11. January 2017 0 By tommay

Some time ago we went to the Dachstein to explore a cave. To be exact we headed to the Giant Ice Cave. A cave which contains over 13.000 m³ of ice. The Scientific analysis says that the ice is over 500 years old and the amount of it increases constantly. We were very curious to see it. And of course, I had to take my camera equipment with me to document our adventure. Here I want to show you the pictures. All of them were taken with the Fuji X-T2 and the Fujinon 16-55 lens in aperture priority mode with ISO Auto (max. ISO 6400). I am truly amazed at the low light capability of this combination. Enjoy!


In the beginning, there was no ice.

But not long and we saw the first ice fields in the cave.

A little pond with very clear water.

The structure of ice.

The last stage of the cave.

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