The Misty Mountain

The Misty Mountain

10. January 2017 0 By tommay

In October 2016 we visited the Krippenstein. A beautiful place with a gorgeous view in Upper Austria. When the day came, the weather forecast wasn’t that good but we decided to start the trip. On the drive there it was very cloudy and it rained a bit but I was confident. The Krippenstein has a height of 2108 meters so the top could be above the clouds as it is often the case.

Eventually, we arrived at the lower terminus of the cable car. On the way up my confidence faded away. The cable car traveled directly into the clouds and on the upper terminus, we saw literally nothing. Also, it was very very cold. After the first disappointment, I found the mood interesting and a bit creepy as we were completely alone.

We decided to take the walk to a viewing platform and I have to say that I took some interesting pictures, at least in my opinion. You see the mountain in another way than usually.

Here I want to show you my favorite pictures of this trip. All taken with the Fuji XT-2 with the Fujinon 16-55 F2.8 attached.


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