View from the Beilstein

View from the Beilstein

20. April 2016 0 By tommay

In search for a beautiful landscape/nature location for a spring photo tour, my girlfriend Michaela and I decided to go on a hiking trip to the Beilstein (802 meters) in Upper Austria. The location promised a beautiful hiking path through the woods as well as a gorgeous view from the summit. The ascent to the summit takes about 45 minutes to an hour depending on your speed. You should be very careful and free from giddiness on the last meters to the summit due to a very narrow path with the descent only a few centimeters away.

As I wanted to travel with light gear I only took my Nikon D750 with the Tamron SP 24-70 F2.8 in my Lowepro Flipside 400 AW with me.

Now to the pictures

After a 40 minute drive we arrived at the starting point. The first few minutes along the path were not very interesting. Then we arrived at a clearing with the sign “Beilstein 30 min”. Following the path further led us through a beautiful wood where some trees presented gorgeous light green spring leafs. Near the summit we had to follow a narrow path around some rocks.

On our way I also photographed some spring details.

The summit welcomed us with a big wooden summit cross and a really beautiful view of the surrounding landscape. Not only on the last meters to the top you have to be careful but also on the top itself as there is not much place to move around.

Beiltein - At the Summit (1)


The Beilstein is a really nice location for a hiking tour up to a summit with a beautiful view. I am pleased with the pictures from the summit but the way to the top is not that interesting for photographing. You can look for details or shots from the sun through the trees, but that’s it. The highlight is the view of the surrounding landscape from the summit.


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