Phototour in Salzburg – Part II

Phototour in Salzburg – Part II

21. November 2015 0 By tommay

This blogpost covers my second photo tour in Salzburg which I made in June 2014. My girlfriend had to hold a lecture at university and I decided to drive with her and use the time for a photo tour. We arrived at Salzburg shortly after lunchtime and went with the bus to the university. There she made her way to the lecture room and I started the photo tour.

For this trip I have used the Sony A7 with the Sony Zeiss FE 35 F2.8. I carried the gear in my Sony Alpha shoulder bag.


Now to the Pictures!

Sadly the weather at this day was not on my side and I had only about 1.5 hours time, but nevertheless I started my photo tour at the roof deck of the university. After enjoying the view over the city I left the Unipark Nonntal and headed north via the Karolinen Brücke to the Steinergasse. This is a very beautiful alley with plenty of photo opportunities. After a 15 minute walk I arrived at the passage from where countless steps led up to the Kapuzinerberg. On my way up I found a little chapel which was plain from the outside, but beautiful inside. From the top of the Kapuzinerberg you have a very nice view over the city. Unfortunately shortly after I arrived at the top it started to rain. I took some last pictures, packed my gear safely in the bag and went back to the Unipark.


As I said in my last blogpost – Phototour in Salzburg – Part I – Salzburg is worth a visist. The Steinergasse and the Kapuzinerberg are two more places which you should visit when you are in this city. Sadly the rain stopped me from exploring more of the Kapuzinerberg so I had to do this at another day.

The Sony A7 worked perfectly and delivered in combination with the Sony Zeiss FE 35 F2.8 stunning pictures. Moreover, this combination is small, light and easy to carry. The body is solid and the grip is comfortable to hold. The Sony A7 takes a while to start up, but after that it is quick and responsive. The OLED Viewfinder is a joy to use; it is big, bright and has a good refresh rate. The menu system is easy to understand and I had no problem finding all settings. Furthermore the camera has enough configurable buttons to set it up as you want, and, due to specialized dials, also changing the settings for aperture, shutter speed and ISO is easy and quick to do. The hybrid-autofocus (with PDAF on the Sensor) has a decent performance in terms of speed and is precise. Equipped with a full frame sensor the camera image quality is very good with lots of details and nice colors. With 24 MP you have also a good cropping potential, which is a good thing when you only have a prime lens with you.

The Sony Zeiss FE 35 F2.8 is a little gem. It is small and light but delivers stunning image quality. It is very solid and has a nice innovative lens hood. The focus ring is smooth, it is very easy to use manual focus in combination with magnification and focus peaking of the camera. Autofocus speed is quick. Sharpness at all apertures and contrast is Zeiss-typical very good and the bokeh this lens is able to produce looks great!

It was a short and a bit wet photo tour, but I enjoyed it and saw another beautiful part of Salzburg.


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