Four days in London – Part II

Four days in London – Part II

18. October 2015 2 By tommay

This is the second part of my London travelling report. If you didn’t read the first part, you will find it here. In this post I cover the third and fourth day of our trip as well as a short paragraph about our journey home.

Day 3 – Tower of London, Sightseeing in the city

After the breakfast, our first destination was the Tower of London. We took the DLR train to Tower Gateway and went on foot along the Thames to the tower entrance. We explored the whole area and took a look at the impressive crown jewels. Sadly it was not allowed to take photos in the museum and other indoor areas. The tower was a really interesting place to visit and we enjoyed our stay there.

After visiting the tower we had lunch. We bought the famous British meal “fish & chips” and I have to say it was delicious :-). In the afternoon we took the tube to Westminster Station to start our sightseeing walk. We headed along the Houses of Parliament with the Big Ben to Westminster Abbey. There we visited a souvenir shop and spent some pounds for gifts for our families at home (and, of course, for ourselves). Our walk led us along the St. James Park to The Mall. The Mall is longer than we thought and it took us a while to walk to the Buckingham Palace. As we walked along we suddenly heard a siren and a police car blasted along the street. Eventually we made it to the palace. Then we went further north to Picadilly and headed directly to Picadilly Circus where we enjoyed the marvelous Christmas decoration. At Picadilly Circus we also found a very big souvenier shop named “Cool Britannia” where we spent nearly an hour and several pounds on crazy British stuff :-). Our last destination was Trafalgar Square. Finally, tired of several hours of walking, we went back to the hotel.

Day 4 – London Eye and London Dungeon

At the last day in London our only destinations were the London Eye Ferris wheel and the London Dungeon. We got on our way via DLR and the tube to Westminster Station and headed via the Westminster Bridge to the London Eye ticket office. We traded our reservation for the real tickets. We headed back to the Ferris wheel and entered it (which was a bit weird as it didn’t stop for entering, but it turned so slow that it was totally safe). A complete round with the London Eye took about 40 minutes and as it was 135 meters high we had a really great view over the city. Sadly our passenger capsule was a bit dirty so you can see some spots and reflections on the photos. After our very enjoyable round was finished we headed to the London Dungeon to take part on the tour there. Unfortunately it is not allowed to take photos. However, after a while into the tour I totally understood this rule as it would be nearly impossible to take good photos due to the lack of space and some environmental effects. I will not tell too much about the tour through the dungeon – you have to experience it yourself. We found it really cool and creepy :-). After leaving the London Dungeon we stayed a short time at the Thames, enjoying the beautiful evening. Then we went back to the hotel and sadly our last day in London was over.

The journey home

The next day we packed up our luggage and checked out of the hotel in the forenoon. We had a long journey in front of us to Victoria Station and via Train to Gatwick Airport where we had booked anoter hotel as our flight was scheduled for the next morning.

I hope you enjoyed my report of the London trip. Stay tuned for more travel reports in 2016! Until then I will post plenty of pictures from my phototrips here in Austria.


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