Gollinger Waterfall – a very beautiful place for a photoshoot

Gollinger Waterfall – a very beautiful place for a photoshoot

6. October 2015 0 By tommay

First I want to apologize that the “Four days in London – Part II” blog post isn’t online yet. This is because my PC broke last weekend and I have to wait for spare parts. Until then I am working with the laptop of my girlfriend to share the newest pictures of my photo journeys.

This blogpost is about our latest trip to the Gollinger Waterfall, a very beautiful waterfall in Golling near Salzburg in Austria. The waterfall has a total height of 75 meters, the last part has a height of 25 meters. Steps and bridges lead you all the way up to the source of the waterfall which is called “Blackcreekfall-Cave”. The path also leads to a bridge from where you can look down into the “Witches’ Cauldron”.

For this trip I have used my Nikon D750 with the Tamron SP 24-70 F2.8, a Hoya Pro ND 64 Filter (82mm) and my Manfrotto Tripod with Sirui K30X ballhead. For some shots I have used my Tamron SP 15-30 F2.8 handheld.

Now to the Pictures!

After passing a little lodge near the parking lot where you have to pay an entrance fee of € 2.50, I stopped directly at the creek to take my first picture.

Gollinger Waterfall (1)

The hiking way leads upwards and after a couple of minutes we saw a mill at the creek, which sadly was not in action.

Gollinger Waterfall (2)

A few minutes later we already arrived at the lower stage of the waterfall. It was a breathtaking view as the water rushed down over the edge and spread out over numerous cascades.

On the way further up you have also a nice view at the waterfall. There are plenty of opportunities to sit down and rest while enjoying the view.

Eventually we made all the way up but the source itself wasn’t that overwhelming. It was a little cave where the water came out. But as it was the source, it was worth a picture or two.

On the way back, we took the path to the “Witches’ Cauldron”, which was a really breathtaking view as the waterfall rushed down into a cave.

At the oter side the view was also very nice.

Gollinger Waterfall (19)

On the way down I decided to change to the Tamron 15-30 Lens to take some more shots of the last part of the waterfall handheld.


Visiting the “Gollinger Waterfall” is a very nice experience which offers spectacular views at the waterfall, nice ways to hike and very beautiful views of the landscape. We spent about 2 hours there enjoying the nature. If you are near I can absolutely recommend a visit. The only drawback is the entry fee of € 2.50. However, I can understand the fee because the maintenance and repair of the steps and bridges are probably costly but, of course, important for safety.

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