Langbathlakes – Nature Jewel in Upper Austria

Langbathlakes – Nature Jewel in Upper Austria

22. September 2015 2 By tommay

In July I went on a photo tour to the Langbathlakes in Upper Austria. I have planned to go to this location for a long time – and I did not get disappointed! The road to the lakes from Ebensee through the valley is very tight, wherefore you have to drive carefully. At the end of the road you can find a big parking lot and a small restaurant.

The gear I have used on this trip was the Nikon D750 with the Tamron SP 15-30 and Tamron SP 150-600. I have also taken my Manfrotto Tripod with the Sirui K30X ballhead. All the gear was packed up in my Lowepro Flipside 400 AW Backpack which is very spacy and comfortable to carry around. I have used the Tamron SP 15-30 most of the time. I have already posted some of these photos in my review of the Tamron, but I think this location is worth an own blog entry.

Now to the Pictures!

The view that welcomed me was breathtaking and I have realized for the first time how clear the water of this lake was.

Langbathseen (1)

I walked along the right side of the lake. The clear water of the lake really fascinated me wherefore I have taken several pictures. The mountains in the background fit perfectly into the scenery.

The path to the second lake took me approx. 1.5 km through the woods.

Langbathseen (7)

The second, smaller lake, was very beautiful too. Sadly I was a little short on time wherefore I could not walk entirely around the second lake.

The way back to the first lake brought me along a little creek. I also went through a wood where the light was very beautiful and the sun leaked through the tree tops.

Langbathseen (14)

Langbathseen (15)

Langbathseen (16)

On the way back alongside the first lake, I have taken some more pictures from the other side.


The Langbathlakes in Upper Austria are a really beautiful location for a photo tour or a walk if you don’t like to carry around your photography stuff. You can find two really beautiful lakes with stunning clear water (there were also many divers), nice woods and a mountain panorama. There are also some other locations which you can reach from the back of the second lake like the Brunnkogel. If you are anywhere near you definitely have to visit this place!

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